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Hi! My name is Céline

Hi there, my name is Céline Vanier aka @the_girl_with_a_hammer. I started my own business over 10 years ago near Annecy (French Alps) where I also teach upholstery.

Running Le Boudoir des Étoffes since 2012

I was born in Haute Savoie where I run Le Boudoir des Etoffes with my dear associate. My speciality is upholstery.

Basicaly everyday I reupholster, upholster or cover something with fabric: a chair, a headboard, a sofa, or walls. Throughout the years we’ve become specialised in tricky complex designer pieces. I say “we” because with my associate there is almost no piece we cannot do or redo. We really like upholstery challenges.

Also a webmaster

Don’t ask why I always have been fascinated by the possibilities offered by internet when it comes to learning. In fact I’m the geekiest upholsterer I know 😅.

Younger I created many websites and blogs. I’ve also made an Online Shop called “Le Boudoir des Étoffes” were we sell fabrics and wallpapers online in France and Europe.

Where did you learn upholstery ?

To learn upholstery techniques properly I was an apprentice for 4 years and it’s no luxury for this job where many skills are needed. Before that I was studying sociology at University, wondering what I could do with a master degree of this kind, when I truly decided that I would become an upholsterer. I just knew it would be the best job for me. I was 21.

At this age I was already one of the older “adult” student in class. In France you can start apprenticeship at 14. I was lucky I was young enough to do the “initial apprenticeship training” and not the scholar adult version wich, in France, is often a total joke.

Are online upholstery trainings usefull ?

There is nothing I love more than real life workshops but I know how online training could be usefull too. Plus, it is SO HARD to find a Master Upholsterer to teach you. In my life i’ve met some incredible DIYers who did great with only upholstery books and video tutorials ! But this is no reason to sell people incredibly ridiculous and expensive “online degrees”.

I created this website so I can simply share my upholstery tips and tutorials with learners and pros all over the world. Not everybody gets the chance to learn in a workshop in real life, so yes I truly think some online support could help a lot.

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