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Voltaire Armchair + Misia Velvet + Big Nails

Transformation of the typical french “granny chair”

This is the typical Granny chair here but with a beautyfull fabric and nice finishes these antique chairs can still look sooo good.

What we call “fauteuil voltaire is a Louis Philippe’s style seat. Really comfy with its high back.

This Voltaire is special:

This Voltaire has a back you can move down (a little) with a metalic mechanism under the arms.

It also mean you need you you can very easily disassemble it.

Traditional work

My apprentice did most of the padding job, and a big part of the covering on this project. I think she did great with it.

Misia velvet

Yes we’re using a fantastic velvet fabric ! This one is by a french luxury brand name Misia @misia_paris )

With this winter evening light you can’t even realise how gorgeous it is in real life (and it’s soooo soft !!!! đŸ„°).

Big nails for finish

I just love to use this 14 mm nails on this kind of big antique chairs like”Voltaire”.

Now I wil make a box cushion for benches and I’ll try to take the time to make you another tutorial with it ;).

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