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LARGE GENOA armchair

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Hi Celine 

I have just taken your offer this week to subscribe and I'm very excited to learn extra tips from you.  I have been in the uoholstery industry for seven years now. In my buisness ,I  focus more on the modern furnishing side rather than traditional upholstery and this has kept my business very busy. I'm working on a friend's genoa armchair at the moment. It has been striped down. I wanted to ask you if I can place for the backrest a 2 inch soft foam and a layer of lintas cotton fill (image attached below). Can I also place a half inch soft foam on the armrests as well as a layer of lintas cotton fill?



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Hi there ! first thank you for teachning me what a Genoa chair is !

For the back rest: if the springs are in good condition 2 inch soft foam and a layer of lintas cotton fill can be an option (maybe you will need to use your regulator on the old padding before.


For the arms:this option will be too much, if the padding still good i wold use a 1 (or 1,5 cm max) padding foam OR just lintas cotton padding.


Show me your work in progress if you think I can help 😉