This is Céline aka The Girl With a Hammer

My name is Céline Vanier, I’m a professional upholsterer and you may know me as @the_girl_with_a_hammer on IG. I share everything about upholstery here! So you’ll find my work, my upholstery tutorials and tips and of course every informations about my international summer classes in France (Annecy).

Online upholstery video tutorials

If you are a true beginner my best advice is that a REAL WORKSHOP is always the best way to start upholstery…UNLESS YOU CAN’T.

I know how much I can help you !

I think I can really help you improve your upholstery practice. As an upholstery teacher I’ve teached upholstery to many students from various background: at the end we all have to learn the same things to reach some professional results even we will all add our personal touch to it. Some basic knowledges, basic skills, method and gestures we all have to understand and experience to finaly reach some real professional level.

Online upholstery ressources

Everyone has the same questions and I’ve been there myself. Starting my own apprenticeship and upholstery business wasn’t easy, I know every strugles and questions. This is why I want this special upholstery website to be the “online upholstery ressource ” I wish I had found 10 years ago when I was feeling alone by myself with my upholstery books, dreaming about the workshop of my dreams I’ll finaly be able to create four years later.

Don’t be shy, use the forum !

Never be afraid to ask a “simple” question or ask for help. Use the forum and we will help you out !

How did I learn upholstery ?

My own training took 4 years full time as an apprentice. I’ve made hundred of chairs before my first upholstery tutorial video… this is NOT TALENT, JUST PRACTICE. Check this page if you want to know more about me.