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Summer Class 2023


What’s upholstery summer classes ?

This first international upholstrery class was a real success ! It allowed the students to get an individualized and intensive workshop to restore their own seat in my upholstery shop (in France).

International teaching

I’m teaching upholstery for many years now and I was having people all around the world asking for an upholstery class.

So I thought it would be great to run an english spoken course designed for those who would like to discover– for leisure or as a retraining – the profession of upholsterer. It was so nice to allow you to acquire the bases of traditional and modern upholstery my way.

The chair: a Louis 16 style

The wood of the frames are ready to be upholstered now. This color is ” Lamp Black” by Little green. The students had the choice between three differents colors as a finish.

The upholstery work

This was my first international class and these girls never did upholstery work before but the quality of the work made here was amazing !

The result:

All these chairs were amazing at the end. Two of the three students totaly finished it in 35h (using pre-made double corde piping).

The shipping

Two of my students choosed to ship back their chairs: in Spain and in the United States.

Back home

I felt so emotional seeing those chairs back home 🤩. What a story behind those handmade pieces of art !

Moral of the story

It was an amazing experience for everyone. I just love the concept to unite people around the art of upholstery ! It was also so nice to personaly meet you all ! What a great team! We worked and we laught pretty hard 😆 They say it takes sweat, blood ans tears but they all did really great for a first time upholstering. ♥️ This summer class also allow me to update the concept for Upholstery Class 2024 so you can enjoy even more:

  • A little extra time : 2 of my 3 students has the time to finish
  • A pre-booked accomodation just for you: so you don’t struggle finding a nice place and you girls stay all together.
  • Tinier chairs will be offered for an easy shipping : because kids chair are so sweat and it’s and so easier to ship in a box.

If you want to join next summer classes check this page ;).

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