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My favorite fabrics brands

Here the brands that I curently use at the workshop in alphabetic order.

These are the brands that I love the most and the ones I feel so lucky to work with given in alphabetic order. I’ll tell you more about why I love them so much later with more details in other posts.

I may help you find the inspiration but…

I hope my little brands list will help you for your own upholsery project but I feel like I should warn you that I’m a luxury fabrics dealer, wich means these brands are all pretty expensive. So this is the list of luxurious brands and high quality fabrics you should check to find the most beatifull fabrics but definitely the list of the ones you should really avoid if you’re looking for very affordable prices.

My Favorite fabrics list and why I love them

  • Black Edition: Luxurious fabric designs (Website)
  • Casamance: Pretty eclectique and always so trendy (Website)
  • Clark and Clark: For fun and colorfull pattern (Website)
  • Colefax and Fowler: American classical luxury brand (Website)
  • Dedar Milano: Just my favorite Italian made and designed fabrics (Website)
  • Elitis: Gorgeous french creations (Website)
  • Jim Thomson: Luxurious asian fabrics for travel lovers (Website)
  • Kwadrat: for designer’s curvy seat from the 50’s, 60’s,70’s (Website)
  • Larsen: Minalism and texture (Website)
  • Lelièvre: French touch in fabrics design Website
  • Le Crin: French fabric made with Horsehair (Website)
  • Manuel Canovas: for colorfull patterns and fabrics (Website)
  • Mark Alexander: for gorgeous linen fabrics (Website)
  • Métaphores: french masculine energy (Website)
  • Misia: Very luxurious French Fabrics Brand (Website)
  • Nina Campbell: British classical touch (Website
  • Nobilis: So good at creating new designs years after years (Website)
  • Pierre Frey : The famous and only one (Website)
  • Zinc Textile: Gorgeous brutes textures (Website)
  • Zimmer and Rhod: Deutch quality and technology (Website)

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