Here the answers to every question you asked about upholstery class.

How to come in Annecy?

You have a 3 hours train from Paris to Annecy but if you take a flight the easiest way is to go for Geneva (Switzerland) wich is 40 min drive away from Annecy !

What about transport and Car Park ?

Biking is the easiest way to move around Annecy Lake. This is a tiny city with no Uber and very few taxis avalaible in summer. But don’t worry you will easily find a bicycle rental service asking Isabelle at Le Clos du Lac with your accomodation

You may also want to rent a car but Annecy roads are saturated in summer sometimes. The workshop has a single parking space in front of the workshop and others just across the street but in summer time you’ll have to pay for it and it would cost you 40€/day to park here. We are open 30 minutes before the class starts so that everyone has time to settle and eat a little croissant traditional morning coffee.

What about Lunch Time ?

  • The meal break can be taken on site (microwave available)
  • There is a convenience store nearby if needed (U-tile).
  • Possibility of picnicking by the lake nearby.

What about the shipping ?

  • Do it by your own
  • MY ADVICE: Postal service ( around 250 € to ship the Louis 16 armchair to the US depending on the size)
  • Transporter like Magic Movers or UPS

We will bring the package at the postal service don’t worry about shipping. Transportor like UPS are maybe more secure but way more expensive. If you prefer this solution give them the adress of the workshop.

What about accomodation ?

To book your room you have to contact Isabelle by mail or phone after your registration to the course. Don’t try to book online, booking will be closed so no one but upholstery students can book on this specific period.